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  • Install Kernel  v.0.9.5Install Kernel is an advanced script which installs the kernel and sets up LILO or GRUB.
  • Deb-install  v.0.6.2deb-install is a (big) shellskript, that works on top of the package management tools provided by the debian project.
  • Zero Install Injector  v.1.7Zero Install Injector is a user-oriented decentralised software distribution.
  • Install-log  v.1.9install-log is a simple utility to help you keep track of what files are installed by your source and binary packages.
  • Virt Install  v.0.500.6The "Virtual Machine Manager" application (virt-manager for short package name).
  • LeICo - The Install and Config Tool  v.0.1Webbased fully automated installation and configuration tool for Debian based Systems. Interesting for everybody having 2-oo computer in a ...
  • Pooty's Install Coverage Tool  v.0.05PootyPedia is a tool to track the hardware in use by a software project. Its client software finds the hardware and reports it, while the server software tracks the reports and keeps them organized in a ...
  • PC Protect Your PC  v.2.0First screensaver application protecting your PC from viruses, spyware, adware, popups and spam with our Free PC Protect. This is an Anti Virus / Spyware remover / Adware removal / Pop Up Blocker and Spam Filter that runs as a screensaver application ...
  • Malwareguard  v. is a program that eliminates all adwares, spywares, viruses, Dialers, and hijackers that might exist on your PC. Malwareguard is a program that uses a database with alot of thousands fingerprints of spyware adware, trojans and worms that ...
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